The Art Of Shipping Glass

I thought you might be interested in seeing how I go about shipping my hand painted glassware items.

I take the utmost of care in packaging my glassware and use the highest quality shipping materials to insure that your items arrive to you safe, sound and all in one piece.  It’s almost like I hand deliver them myself!  🙂

First things, first. Every Item gets signed and dated:

After that, if it’s a wine glass, the bowl of the glass gets filled with bubble wrap.  (My other glassware styles get treated accordingly and according to their shape and size.)

The next step is that each item gets an all around ((hug)) of bubble wrap.

Then the glass gets slipped comfortably into its own gift box which is perfect for shipping and also for your gift giving needs.  Oh, and of course my business card gets slipped in there too!  🙂

The outside shipping box is then carpeted with a sheet of foam, and the glass gift box is nestled comfortably inside, surrounded by an additional bed of foam.  I love, love, love using foam sheets for shipping. I order my foam sheets from a compaly called Uline!  It’s soft and cushony and prevents items from shifting while in transit.  There is something about the foam that adds a slight gripping action to whatever you’re shipping. It definitely adds a sense of security I’ve not had with any other shipping materials.  You can thank me later for not using those annoying stat*icky* packing peanuts that get all over the house!!!

A quick and heartfelt thank you note goes in along with your glass and then it’s all topped off with more of the amazing foam sheets.

Then it’s all closed up with a quick shake to make sure there is no “jiggle” going on inside the box. The box is then taped tight, addressed and shipped via USPS and will end up at your front door before you know it!

I pride myself on a quick ‘turn-around’ from the time you place your order with me until the time you hold it in your own hands at home. 

I take great pride in the pieces I produce and the method in which I use to get them safely to you. As always, I appreciate the orders and generous comments and compliments on my work! The majority of the comments I’ve received mention the quality of the shipping “Wrapped like a baby!” one lady said, to the quality of my pieces themselves “So much nicer in person!”

I LOVE custom orders.  If you ever have questions or if there is ever anything I can paint for you, please don’t hesitate to email me or visit my shop (click on the “Shop Now” button up at the top of this page).  Pictures can be sent to me and I can work from any design or inspiration piece you send my way.

Enjoy your day!
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  1. The foam sheets are a fantastic idea! Where would one buy them? Might have to try them out for our scrub and lotion bottles.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I had the link posted but I guess it wasn't noticable enough. I just added another, more noticable one. I order my foam sheets from a place called Uline. They are amazing and have TONS of other shipping items. They are super fast with delivery too!

  3. I love how you pack! Excellent tutorial!!! Thanks, Renee!!

  4. The customer who said *wrapped like a baby* was so right as I know that each item you paint and create is like your baby and not only do you pour all your creative love and energy into it but you wrap it like the little bundle of joy it will be and bring when delivered safe and sound to its' new owner.

  5. Thank you very much for this great post. excess baggage shipping

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