Are Your Ready For Some Football?

Over the years of living in a house with all males (1 husband and 2 grown sons), I’ve gained a solid appreciation for the sport of football.  Now, I don’t claim to have complete understanding of the game (hardly), but I do enjoy the excitement the game elicits from it’s fans of all ages. Not to mention the colorful uniforms and the creative logos each team so proudly displays as they take the field.

As we embark on the NFL’s 2011-2012 season, I’ve been caught up in all the pappable excitement and needed to capture that the best (and only) way I know how.  With my trusty paints and brushes I take to the field.  🙂 

Here are two teams that I worked on just the other day.  The Atlanta Falcons and The Miami Dolphins…from start to finish.  I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these come to completion and much as I enjoy showing you!

The background color always comes first and then I do the banding at the top of the glass:

I usually do the writing on the base of the glass next.  I find it easier to center the design on the bowl of the glass if the writing is there as a visual marker for me.

The outline of the design happens next:

Next comes the filling in of the outline. Back in my cookie decorating days, this would be called the flooding.  It’s similar and yet different 🙂

Look closely at the picture and you can see the other glasses I was working on this particualr day. There are two Miami Dolphin’s glasses and one Lady Gaga.  There is nothing better to me than having a full table of “works in progress”.   It’s my drug of choice 🙂

The team name on the base of the glass then needs a little contrasting color to really make it pop.  The addition of the white detailing does just that:

There now, almost finished. I hold it back and check to see that I’m happy with it:

Yes, It’s a keeper. Time to take the photos I need to add this glass to my etsy shop for purchase.

Complete and ready:

Atlanta Falcons Wine Glass

Next comes the Miami Dolphins glass.  It’s the exact same process only different colors and completely different design.  I especially like this one because of the dolphin.  I love dolphins!

The base color comes first:

The base coat, the banding at the top of the glass, and the beginning of the design all get painted first.  Everything is “eyeballed”.  I’ve practiced long enough to make a pretty decent circle and have my lines connect from start to finish on the banding.  The only thing that worries me now is that my eyesight is playing tricks on me as I get older and I’m constanstly taking my glasses on and off as I’m painting!  Sheesh, time to get me some of those cute little magnifyers I suppose.


I decide to pre-line my star burst to insure that I have the points as equal distance as possible:

A little scalloping inbetween the lines and things are looking good.  Actually to me at this point it kind of looks like some sort of ribbon medal which I promptly file away in my head for a possible design on another day. LOL!  You just never know when inspiration will hit 🙂

Flooding the outline with paint.  Um, I mean painting in the outlines:

He’s a little hard to see here, but I’ve outlined and painted in the dolphin.  I added just a touch of darker blue to him so he wouldn’t totally disappear into the great blue yonder.

Upside down he now waits as I work on some other pieces.  Everyone gets their fair and equal turn and each piece I paint holds a special place in my heart.  It’s crazy, I know, but it’s true!

Back to my dolphin glass as I add in all the little details that make this design so special:

The contrasting color of the team name really makes a complete difference.  It’s all about the details and I never skimp on the details!!!

LOL. Somewhere between saying that I never skimp on the details, I got lost in my painting and forgot to take pictures of how the detailing was done.  Oh well, here are the completed pictures of the glass. You can see for yourself how the details really make the glass:

  Miami Dolphins Wine Glass

This glass, and all my other painted pieces, are available in my shop if you’re interested in having a look.
You can also contact me via email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you on a design of your very own. Photos can be also be sent to me so any sort of inspiration you send my way can be turned into a ceramic tile or glassware item.

I completely love special orders and any piece can be personalized if requested.  All my painted glassware items are dishwahser safe and make fantastic conversation pieces and gifts.
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’ll come and visit me again soon!!!

Fondly yours,


  1. I never tire of your step by step painting posts. Find them fascinating to see a plain wine glass brought to life with such artistic finesse. Not a fan of football but a big fan of your work!

  2. you are so talented! I could never draw all those logos much less paint them!

  3. I love watching you work. I'm a little sad that I met you post cookie days, but you make me long to be a better painter. You really are amazingly talented!

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