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I received an email from a woman named Deb who runs her own home based business of giving cooking lessons to children. How cool is that??? Upon pulling out of her driveway one day, she had the most awesome idea of getting a custom tile painted with her logo and tag line to hang outside her front door for all to see.  With a logo as cute as this, who could blame her?   Here is Deb’s tile in the making in the final 8×10 size. It’s a tile size that is sure to be noticed and sure to be an asset to her growing business.

Let’s start from the email picture she sent:

And the painting process begins…

Just as in cooking, there is a step by step process that needs to be followed through and thought out in advance for the best possible results.  I take total pride in my ability to as replicate a design as closely as possible without it being a carbon copy.  The photo, the paints and brushes are the only tools I use to complete my tiles.  My eye glasses come off and I hunker down to get up close and personal with my art!

And so you’ll see what I mean about no two being exactly the same (I actually didn’t say that, but I hope you know it was implied) here is a 6×8 painted tile and the final 8×10 inch size that was shipped to the customer.  I’d dare you to find the differences.  They’re there, but they’re not that easy to find.  And no, size doesn’t matter in this instance 🙂

With the addition of two hooks on the back for hanging, this tile is on it’s way to the customer…

I’d love the opportunity to paint your adorable logo, your blog header, your favorite recipe, your uncle Marvin’s dog, or even uncle Marvin himself!   Simply send me an email and let me know what you’re into. I’ll be happy to paint a special tile just  for you or someone you love.  Cool tiles for cool people!  How awesome is that?

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  1. This is one of the cutest business signs ever and what a wonderful business it is! Your tile(s) are adorable.

  2. I love watching your work come to life. So neat!

  3. You are SO talented! What a fabulous tile 🙂

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