Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Woof Wednesday - Springtime Smiles

"Hi. Nellie here." "Now that the weather has warmed up, me and my sisters love to spend a good portion of our days out in the sunshine soaking up the rays, and getting our vitamin D."  "Luckily for me my fur is kind of like a built in visor and I don't have any problems with the sun getting in my eyes."

"Ivy and Nutmeg aren't as nearly as lucky as I am because they hardly have any fur to keep the sun out of their eyes, but when it comes time for swimming in the pool this summer, they do tend to dry a lot faster than me." "I guess we're all lucky, but for different reasons!"

"All in all, I think the thing we're luckiest for is having each other, our family that loves us and our great big backyard to play and lounge in!" "Life is good and we are happy."

"Wishing you all a bright day that's filled with sunshine, green grass and a someone who'll throw you a few tennis balls from time to time." "BOL (barking out loud)"

Until we woof again,

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