Saturday, December 4, 2010

I "Believe" In Christmas Coasters

The other day while I was out shopping at our local craft store, I ran across these cute little mugs for $1.  How could I pass them up I ask you?

When I got home and started to unwrap them, that's when the inspiration hit for me to paint some coasters to coordinate with them.  After all, when we're sitting by the Christmas tree listening to Christmas songs with our hot chocolate or hot buttered rum, why not have everything festive and fun?

Believe in Santa Coasters


I enjoy opening our home to family and friends during the holidays.  Thank you for stopping by.   Please make yourself comfortable but don't forget to grab a coaster for your drink!   :)

Believe in Santa Coasters

I hope you don't mind sharing the couch with our dogs.  They'll help keep you toasty warm :)

Ho! Ho! Home is where my heart is!  Wishing you all a magical and blessed holiday season!!!

Email me at: or visit my shop for information on ordering my custom art tiles.

Take care,


  1. I love Christmas (not as much as Thanksgiving though)and how pretty decorations are! Though you're pretty brave decorating before getting your new puppy! Great job on the coasters!

  2. These are amazing!! What a wonderful idea. Will you be selling the coasters?

  3. Any tile item can be available for purchase. If you'd like additional information, please drop me an email.

  4. Those are adorable Renee! Great job!

  5. Cute ... cute ... cute!!! Nice job, Renee!

  6. I love these coasters Renee and the colour matching you did is spot on!

  7. Nice idea!!!
    Very cute coasters and dogs!

  8. LOVE these Renee!!! You impress me so much every single time!


  9. I love Christmas very much but not only as Thanksgiving. There is a beautiful decorated by you. I appreciate for your work. I love these coasters Renee and the colour matching you did is spot on!


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